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Operating rules for the use of shake free starters

Operating rules for the use of shakes
1. Manual energy storage:
The diesel engine rocking into the first round hole, clockwise rotation rocking manual manual storage of the starter, when the rocking can not move, the energy is full, at this time the manual storage process is pulled out.
Two, energy release starts:
1. Put the diesel engine throttle to the starting position.
2, press down the decompression handle to raise the safety lock.
3, quickly push the starting handle to the inside. At this time, the starter can release and start, and the diesel engine will rotate.
Three. Automatic energy storage:
When the diesel engine runs about 5 seconds or so, the start handle is quickly loosened. After that, the diesel engine can store the starter automatically on the upper string for about 3 seconds. The starter inside the box is automatically lifted, the square box is back, the movement wheel is separated from the start wheel, the safety lock is dropped and the automatic energy storage is finished.
Four. Start up again and store energy automatically
The same second and third items
Note: when the starter does not start a diesel engine once, it is necessary to use a screwdriver (a screwdriver) to lift the rod through a square box with a screwdriver.

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