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Installation and debugging of shake free starter

Installation and debugging of shake free starter
First, the preparation before installation: 1, check whether the oil of the diesel engine is too thick (especially in winter, it will cause automatic difficulties).
2, check whether the decompression handle of diesel engine is flexible.
3, under the pressure of the diesel engine decompression handle diesel engine crank rocking, especially difficult to advance maintenance;
4, the engine load is removed (such as: four wheel tractor and transport motorized boats put to the neutral position);
5, according to the random attachment table, check whether the attachment is consistent with the diesel engine type and the starter type.
Two. Installation:
Make sure that the preparation before installation is correct, then you can install it. The installation steps are as follows:
1, first dismantle the cover plate of diesel engine gear chamber (commonly called partial cover) and the original starting shaft.
2, install the special startup shaft (apply a little oil on the shaft sleeve matching), and supply the oil well.
3, install the gear housing cover, use the front and rear shafts to install the triangle plate (it can be adjusted by the 8 horizontal pads to ensure that the triangle plate is perpendicular to the starting shaft).
4, installed with 35 shaft circlip;
5. After installing the starting shaft to the starting shaft, the connecting plate (or T type foot) of the front and rear feet is installed, and the perpendicularity and deflection of the starter are corrected (all are 1 degrees), and the nuts are fastened without error.
6, open the plastic sealing plate, the installation of 8 x 16 flat key and a starting gear, with 32 shaft circlip;
7, the safety decompression torsion spring will press the upper connecting rod to the diesel engine decompression rod, connect the decompression line and adjust the length and length.
8. The open sealboard is re settled

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